Jul 28, 2012

evening lights

"You were the one who made things different, you were the one who took me in. You were the one thing I could count on, above all, you were my friend.
- John Hay

Blogging is a lot easier at night, when you're still vividly reliving the memories that were just made. But summer is not the time to be precise and prompt. It's only been a few days since I went on a photo adventure with Lena. We biked though never seen fields and trees and stopped whenever the newfound location spoke to us. Firstly, we turned in a little side road that led to a still unknown location, since it went on for so long we stopped and settled in the middle of the road. 

Second stop was a big field with freshly mowed grass, neatly separated in long rows. The light was started to get good and the cows were happily tagging along. Many bikers passed and strange looks were exchanged, but as long as we were together, nothing seems that bad.

Last place we stopped was a bridge, brightly coloured by the golden hour. A bridge that spoke to Lena, most likely because of the NIRVANA R.I.P. KURT written in graffiti. Everything sounded clearer (thank you bridge acoustics) and everything looked more alive, or maybe that was just the atmosphere that made life good. Biking tourists and biking citizens kept passing and even though the awkward silences weren't absent, countless smiles were exchanged as well.

After returning, it was time for the second goal of the night: Pretty Little Liars. And oh man, it was good. The same night, we also skyped with Laura, my favourite Spanish friend.

These are the memories that make a summer. These are the moments we live on.

By the way, blogging is also hard when you're sitting in the living room while everyone's watching Midsummer Murderers and the eerie flashbacks are playing. Or maybe that's just me.

The first location
Part of a series: "The farmer's daughter"
Part of a series: "The farmer's daughter"
Part of a series: "The farmer's daughter" (main image 1)
Part of a series: "The farmer's daughter" (main image 2)
Lena being pretty
Third location. The light was gorgeous.
Also one of my favourites, I think.
This photo was necessary. Lena loves Nirvana.
I AM ALMOST AS TALL AS LENA. never mind just kidding.


  1. lena is soooooo sooooo beautiful ! omg... and the golden light makes me speechless D:

  2. the lighting is so beautiful! And so are the photos! xx

  3. these are absolutely perfect! Love the one which lena is lying on the road!

  4. very impressing. i love the light and the colours and this kind of softness in every single picture. great work,madame (:

  5. First main image of "the farmer's daughter" series is to-die-for! i am blown away!