Jul 21, 2012

sandy shoes

“Getting lost is just another way of saying 'going exploring.”
― Justina Chen Headley

Wednesday 18th July - The day of this shoot was the first (and so far the only) hot summer day the Belgian weather gods have given us so far. My cousin Simon and I took the bus to Nathalie's town, where we biked to this amazing location. (Me + biking uphill + my cousin who is taller than I am on the back = hilarious.) It wasn't a new location though, since I shot Lena, Amelie and Marth there last year. Still one of my favourite shoots, though it cost me a 50 1.8 lens (damn you, sand). Luckily I managed to keep my camera completely undamaged this time.

About the editing: let's say I'm not too keen on it. But I felt like my usual editing didn't work with the sandy tones etc., so i tried some different things. I also added when I expanded a photo, if some of you are interested in that.


Simon (my cousin) and Nathalie

Me, taken by my cousin
Simon took some 'behind the scenes'
One of my favourites from the shoot (expanded)


This place was so beautiful and incredible. (Cousin)
My cousin took this.
Candid haha.

My current favourite editing songs:
Regina Spektor - Ne Me Quitte Pas (the new version)
Cathy Heller - You Make Me Happy
King Charles - Lady Percy