Jul 17, 2012

start of summer

"Summertime is always the best of what might be."
― Charles Bowden

It's taken me two weeks into summer to create my first photography related memory. Well, they say some things are worth the wait. Summers get less spontaneous and more mapped out, though the surprise and the beauty of whatever's planned will always remain. When dates are finally settled and there's a calmness of accomplishment, all the troubles are over.

So when I arrived at Sophie's house, I had brought my bit of sunshine along and for the first time, my summer felt like a summer. My vacation felt like real freedom. Though, the signs of wannabe-matureness seemed to show when I fell asleep while watching movies at 3AM. The next day brought us the other friend my Italian trip gifted me. And when Julie and Sophie took me to the woods, I hoped to be able to get some fun, creative and candid photographs. And after refusing to give up, I got them to sit on a tree for me, though their talking never stopped. Luckily, because that's why I love them. The weather wasn't summery and the clouds never disappeared, but it was typical Belgian weather and when you're dancing along to a Noah and The Whale song, every kind of sorrow seems to disappear.

My favourite photo from the weekend.

Art in the forest

Art climbing.

Next to Julie, I seem like the definition of tiny.

Sophie and Julie


  1. omg that forest looks AMAZING! i wanna be there right now haha (:
    awesome photos, really!

  2. I absolutely love how real these photos look and feel, and agree with your choice of favourite photo! Seems like you had a good time :)

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    1. Sorry for deleted comment, so I try again :)
      Gorgeous photos :) And I wan to ask if you wanted to have a pen-pal ? Maybe it sounds boldly .. But if you want, inform me ^.^
      Evia x