Sep 11, 2012

shoes (and crime)

“For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places.” 
 Seo Min Hyun

Okay, maybe no crime, but we did consider ourselves rebels while we were sitting on the emergency staircase, just a floor too high. Though, if I can tell you the secret, the emergency staircases are the most common way for shoe people to travel between the two shoe floors. I'm getting ahead of myself.

For me, every school year starts with a visit to the Trade Mart, a huge place in Brussels, right in front of the Atomium, where all the shoe and fashion brands are together. And because my mum is in the shoe business, we get to go there to select the new collection. So I am officially completely into summer 2013 already. One of my favourite parts (besides the food) is that my little cousin is coming with me. 

We keep having so much fun, walking (and sometimes getting lost) in the labyrinth of hallways, occasionally stopping at certain booths, waving at people who don't recognize us without my mum by our sides and making small talk with people I do actually know. Fitting too many shoes and listening to professionals explaining their collections like I actually know what they're talking about. Trying to collect as many pens as possible from as many different brands as possible. (9 this year!) 

After all these years, the Trade Mart is like a little place of my own. And my cousin's. And how do we love it.

PS: I'm not really allowed to share much about the new summer collection, so no previews here :)

The night before the Trade Mart, playing with the Astrostar I once gave Simon for his birthday.
My very awesome shoes. Though, not the best idea to walk on 10cm heels for over 10 hours.

Hanging at a handbag brand. 

One of the countless hallways.
Oh you know, just hanging at my very own desk (aka the wifi section)

Where else to act like a kid than a pretty crowded place. SHOES CONNECT(ion) 
Never mind the fact the sign says: "Please don't walk/sit on the edges" DON'T WORRY I WON'T.

Simon ain't cool enough for the fashion lofts. hahaha. (oh this was from when we were spying
on people from the top of the emergency staircase)

Simon is just awesome. He's got good genes.

We discovered an empty space after breaking into the upper level of the Trade Mart. Also: THE ATOMIUM!
I'll blog about Prague soon!

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  1. Wow, that's really awesome! I LOVE the last picture and it sounds like a really awesome experience. And I gotta say, THOSE ARE SOME BEAUTIFUL SHOES YOU GOT THERE! <3