Oct 19, 2012

change and charity

“...I hadn't realized how much I'd been needing to meet someone I might be able to say everything to.” 
― Elizabeth BergTalk Before Sleep

Considering I haven't blogged in a long time, I'm taking this opportunity to quickly recap my day. The following is not really photography related, so if that's what brings you here, I'll try to have a new blog post up soon.

October, 18, 2012.
This day is (or should be) known for many young people as 'Zuiddag' (literal translation: South day). It's a day where students get a day off from school to work somewhere (seriously anywhere) for a day. The money they earn that day goes to a project in the South, which is Venezuela this year.

For my job, I became a librarian for one day, which was pretty awesome, considering the library wasn't really the public library people normally go to, but the multicultural one, which has a lot of books about languages, countries and economics. This whole project was an amazing experience and I feel kind of sad this will be the only year I'll be able to participate (since I'm in my last year of high school already).

Due to my tiny bag already stuffed with, yeah, stuff, I couldn't take my camera, so enjoy some grainy iPod photos, professionally edited with instagram.

Working at the library, organising and stuff

Lunch break in Antwerp city

I'm very qualified for card sorting. 

My co-worker of the day! :)

I'm a fireman!
I finished work around 4pm, which left me some free time in Antwerp (which eventually turned out to be almost two hours) before Sofia would pick me up and take me to a Thai restaurant.

Sofia was late (fashionably, how else) so I ended up strolling through the shopping street, stopping at UO and I ended up at the English bookstore, where I patiently waited ("15 minutes maximum!") while reading the synopsis of every. single. YA. book.


Oh wait, I forgot to mention I met Sofia on tumblr, but a few months ago we started talking on Facebook and before I knew it, she found her way into my life. Talking to her felt natural (and brought me some spelling errors, I still say 'gurl' instead of 'girl').

So there she was. And now it sounds like a sloppy romantic story. Oh well, why not. But that's already where it ends. Considering the restaurant was quite far away, we biked there, or better, she biked and I sat on the back screaming every time the path got rough. I am now partly paralysed but I'll be fine (I'm kidding obviously, just adding the drama, because that's what a story needs, right?). The dinner was lovely, although octopus is way too fancy for me, I'm leaving that for the real city people.

Just to quickly summarise my evening: Sofia was lovely. It's incredible how people can come into your life all of a sudden, but it's even more incredible how they can stay there, in real life too. That girl I met today, she was one of the most beautiful, smartest, most amazing people I've ever met. (YES I LOVE HER OKAY.) This night, I've been able to talk about so many things I don't get to talk about with my friends at home. And I just don't think she realises how exceptional and beautiful she is.

Let me also mention that when my train started to move, she ran along. Trust me, friends like that, they're keepers.

Thanks gurl/girl, you're the best.

Train ride back. My friends are completely normal.

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  1. Wow, sounds awesome and all of these pictures are adorable!