Jan 9, 2013

an eye for London

"By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show."
- Samuel Johnson

I spent the cosy days between Christmas and New Year's Eve in the center of London. It was my second time visiting, which made it easier to decide what boroughs to visit and for which ones it sufficed to be remembered from my last visit, but it also left us time to explore a completely different part of the city.

I didn't take a lot of photos (about 30 in total), so I will add some crappy instagram photos at the end, so excuse me for that. Rain and cold aren't photography's best buddies.

The view from our hotel, the London Eye on the night we arrived and on the morning we left.

The following photos are all taken in the Saatchi Gallery, which is without a doubt my favourite modern art museum, if not my favourite museum in general. It was my second time visiting, and I'm still in awe. Normally, I'm not very impressed by modern art (it is often too simplistic for my taste), but the Saatchi always makes me change my mind. This is what modern art looks like for me.

This is probably my favourite piece of modern art I've ever seen. It was there the last time I visited the Saatchi Gallery and after a bet with my aunt (about what floor the piece had been on), a guide told us that it was indeed on the -1 floor (dang I lost) and that it was in fact still there. It was incredible to see it again. The whole artwork and room consist of a huge oil bath, which creates an unbelievable optical illusion. The smell of the oil keeps you from staying in the room for too long, otherwise I might have never left.

Better photos of the creation can be found here.

Burberry window decorations + look at my over the top Abercrombie bag
Some instagram snapshots.
Saatchi Gallery

In Europe's biggest bookstore, where multiple customers actually thought I worked there.
Temples at the British Museum

Jamie Oliver's excellent pizza

Whitechapel Gallery

After a lot of contemplating, we decided to wander through the East End to fill up our last day. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we made on this whole trip. Less joyful was the fact that I decided to leave my camera in the hotel. Booh you, Karen.

We spent our day getting lost in tiny streets and discovered some awesome market places with great Indian food and the coolest street fashion.

East End

The outcome: too many books but a very happy Karen


  1. you make me want to go to London. Oh wait, I'm going! thanks to you i'm a bit more excited about this