May 6, 2013

an ailment of the throat

“Dutch is not so much a language as an ailment of the throat.” ― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars

One of the cities that's always been the highest on my to-visit list is also the one that is the closest to me. Amsterdam, the ultimate Benelux city is a mere two hours from my home town, and still I'd never been anywhere close to it. So the last week of my spring break, we booked train tickets to visit the city where my favourite author wrote my favourite book: Amsterdam. (hint: it's John Green and the Fault in Our Stars)

Though I didn't visit hotel De Filosoof or visited the Anne Frank house and though the trees were far from blossoming (damn you European weather), I still fell in love with this city, its open everything and just in general the atmosphere you don't often encounter in the country I live in and the ones that surround mine.

We got a little lost while strolling through the 'Negen Straatjes' and I spent the whole day dragging bags and bags of English books with me. Even the rain couldn't stay away in the end and I feel like I haven't even seen one percent of this remarkable city. I'd say that one day (preferably soon) I should revisit this nearby patch of foreign country.


  1. I want to move here someday ! Amsterdam is lovely and amazing :)

  2. amsterdam is so beautiful! so jealous it's so close to your country!