Jul 17, 2013

Barcelona: day 2

“A person who has not done one half his day's work by ten o'clock, runs a chance of leaving the other half undone.”
― Emily Brontë

While I'm writing this, we're on the second day and my first morning in Barcelona. Laura is making breakfast and I'm feeling like a professional writer; letting her work while I do the documenting. But I feel so perfectly happy, because since the moment we had the dramatic movie hug in the airport, there hasn't been one minute of silence, it just feels as if I've found a long lost friend.

Life happens at a much slower rate than I'm used to. There's no such thing as hurry to start something, though there is the usual “wait we'll be home late!” tension to make up for that loss. It's not that nothing is done, it's just that it takes longer for actual things to start. Waking up is a hard thing to do, so time should be taken to come at peace with it.

In the morning (not too early of course) we took the subway and ended up at Park Guëll, which is one of my favourite places from previous trips to Barcelona. The place has the usual laid-back atmosphere, with as a nice extra, an incredible view of Barcelona and colourful benches designed by Gaudí himself. We laid in flower fields, danced underneath the pillars of the famous artefact and met an American woman who took an instax of the two of us.

In the afternoon we strolled around la Ciutadella and ended up at the beach. Then managed to get out of being trampled by a group of people getting into a fight, so overall we had a pretty great afternoon, even though we were 40 minutes late and almost fell down of exhaustion when we finally made it home.

And on my second day here, I'm already dreading the moment I run out of variations of the word happy' to describe the feeling I'm currently experiencing. Because right now, happy doesn't cut it. Ecstatic isn't the best choice either, given the fact that we are both acting like dead seagulls laying in bed at the moment. And simultaneously, content makes me feel like someone who ate too much and is just laying down all day. And though I definitely ate too much good food today, I'm definitely not being passive. Possibly, the search is not about finding adjectives that are merely synonyms of a universal feeling, but about finding the one that describes this moment perfectly. But then again, maybe the search is more important than the finding.  

Park Guëll

On our way to the beach

Nights at the beach

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