Aug 17, 2013

life in between the buildings

“The city buildings in the distance are holding up the sky, it seems.” 
― Markus Zusak

For some odd reason, I never got around blogging about Dubai. I call it odd because this trip was one of the most shocking, crazy, strangest, but also coolest and most breathtaking journeys I've ever been on. Exploring a new country (or continent) that is utterly different from everything you've ever seen before actually feels like entering a new world. And to me, there's no such thing as discovering as many worlds as possible.

From the first moment you enter Dubai, or in other words, the airport, you notice that everything is bigger (and better) than any place you've ever been before. The ceilings are unreachably high, the lights are bright without being blinding and the palm trees are inside. Our well known and trusted alphabet is suddenly accompanied by the Arabic translation, which is far more gracious and far more fancier looking. It's a language I don't speak (and read), and the only written word I could distinguish from another curly drawing is دبي (which means Dubai, shocking!).

While I'm sitting in front of my computer, trying to bring back Dubai as vividly as possible, I still feel the same way I felt when I walked the streets or when I swam in the springs in Oman (where we went for a day). There are no words for certain feelings and no pictures for certain memories. And maybe that's how we should live our whole lives, just write and photograph but not closing our eyes for the things we can't capture, because they have beauty in them too.


Dubai Mall

Selfie at the Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

A goat accompanying us on our trip to Oman

A spring in Oman

Me swimming in a spring

Oman/Dubai border

Driving (roughly) through the desert

Burning sand in the desert

Catching the sunrise from the hotel beach

Night in the mountains


  1. unbelievable how beautiful your pictures are!
    young blood

  2. omg, the spring! swimming there must've been an amazing experience.

    i dream of walking through the desert someday


  3. I feel so lucky to know that you exist. I love them all. Keep capturing and writing. I wait !

  4. JUST- NO WORDS. i have no words for these to describe how in awe i am of Dubai and Oman through your eyes, girl. i actually did tear up a bit looking at some of these photos. the beauty of discovering a new world is breathtaking.

  5. This is just stunning. Such breathtaking places, some travels are just so breathtaking that one needs to let it sink in before being able to tell about it.

    thanks for sharing. somewhere i need to experience myself.


  6. Your photography is so wonderful :)