Sep 16, 2013

Through Italy

Italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy. 
- Bertrand Russell

Every family summer vacation I've ever been on has led me to Italy. For ten years now, I've traveled to the land of the pizza, the bellissimo and the oldest churches in human's history. Though I've always seemed to get stuck in the mountains and in all these years I'd never traveled further than Venice. But eventually, I finally got to cross my personal border and ended up in the magic some people call Italy (or actually that should be the other way around).

If you're American (or  from anywhere that isn't Belgium, which includes pretty much every single person on my photography page), you might find it strange that we Belgians (and maybe other Europeans too) are pretty fond of school trips. In my four years at high school, it's taken me to France, Germany and Italy. Of course it depends from school to school, but you could really call it a Belgian tradition that when you're a senior and you're in your sixth year of high school, you go on a trip through Italy. Some go for a few days, some stay a week and some go all out and go for ten days. In those days you see as many cities and you eat as many pizzas as humanly seems possible.

In my ten days we visited Pisa, Lucca, Sienna, Pompeii, Rome, the Vatican, Venice, Orvieto and Assisi. Nine cities that you can't possibly visit in one day, not even in a month, but still we got to breathe the Italian air and see all the touristy highlights.

And even though leaning on the tower in Pisa is great and seeing Venice from a gondola is great (though I didn't do any of those things, being a rebel and all you know), the moments that stayed with me the most are the moments we strolled around the little city streets, not knowing where we are but never really being lost, discovering the cities with only one golden rule: When lost, always go left and straight on. Then repeat. 

Though the rain accompanied us almost every day, I believe it made us appreciate the little bits of sun that touched our faces even more. And let me tell you this: when you're in great company, the sun is only just another reason to smile, but there are so many more. Because face it, nothing is funnier than desperately trying to get your leather shoes dry after some accidental puddle jumping in Rome. (It took me three days to get them dry, by the way.)





A photo of me at the Vatican
Climbing the Vesuvius

Bay of Naples


Fog over Orvieto




  1. i love them all, karen! i wish i travelled as much as you! italy is in my list, hope i get there soon :)

    will you also show us photos from russia, pretty please?


  2. Wow! I love the pictures! And i'm jealous of you! I wish i travelled more! Stunning places!