Jul 13, 2014

Meeting Ian and Malena

“He wanted to live life in such a way that if a photograph were taken at random, it would be a cool photograph. Things should look right. Fun; there should be a lot of fun and no more sadness than absolutely necessary.”
- David Nicholls
Here's a really quick blog post from last week, when I met Ian and Malena. They're both wonderful photographers and great friends of mine. I'd met Ian before, because we live pretty close to each other, but it was my first time meeting Malena. She's magnificent and stunning and meeting her for the first time was absolutely amazing. (Ian, I guess you're okay too.)
We met up in the woods and hoped that it wouldn't rain, but of course it did. It's Belgium we're living in. But since we were in the forest, we didn't feel much of the rain, which saved our cameras! (and our mood, haha). Anyway, I hope you like some of these pictures!
Setting up Ian's shot


Behind the scenes of Ian shooting me (yay!). Photo by Malena!

Malena shooting Ian

Malena is too cute for words

Malena picking berries


  1. My dear, where can I admire effects of Ian's work with you? :)
    PS beautiful pictures


  2. your girl friend is so gorgeous !